Grills for Sale in Tooele, UT

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I literally just bought this new barbecue tonight. As we were driving home from Home Depot, the strap broke and the barbecue blew out of the back of the truck. Its dented, scratched, and missing a few parts. (I dont know what parts cause I never got the chance to use it.) I think we got most of them off the road but it was dark so we couldnt see. If youre a person who likes to fix things this c...
Damaged brand new barbecue. I bought this last night at Home Depot. I paid $179. On the way home the cord broke and it fell out of the truck onto the road. It is scratched on the knobs and the front. Youd have to buy a replacement part for the main grill area and a cover for the last flame area. They are broken or were lost on the road somewhere and we were not able to retrieve them in the dark...